Here are some reviews from our satisfied customers of the human variety:

“I will ALWAYS use these wonderful people.

I called them in a panic last week at the end of four days of clicker begging during which Pokey calmly and repeatedly told us, No thank you I will be happy to march onto your little trailer but I will NOT allow you to put up the dreaded butt bar.

I got Mark’s voicemail and he called me back within ten minutes. He was on his way back from Florida. He was calm, friendly, reassuring. Lowered my stress level by about 900 points. Over the course of the next few days I got my ducks in a row, Fedexed him the paperwork, and today he picked up Pokey in Massachusetts in his lovely big rig and delivered her safely to me in NJ. He kept in close touch via cellphone, I knew when she was loaded, how long he would be, when he got close, and when he was within a few minutes of my barn. He is intelligent, friendly, kind, a consummate horseman, and he has MY business for the future with any horse I need shipped for more than a hundred miles or so. He and his partner Dave left my barn tonight after Pokey was safely settled in, heading for NC, where he is to deliver another horse by 9:30 a.m. tomorrow. They were both infallibly good natured and professional. And the shipping fee was a fraction of what I paid the clicker trainer for just the first two days of futzing around.

I only wish I had gone to Fairway first. Simply a superb horse transporter.

Thank you, Mark!”

All the best–


“Hi Mark,
It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for shipping Lexus safely to her new home. I must say that you have far surpassed my expectations for shippers. I will highly recommend you to anyone looking to move a horse. All of the horses on the trailer looked very comfortable, with plenty of hay and water and your trailer was very clean. You had a quiet way with the horses and seem to really enjoy what you do. Thank you for keeping in touch during the trip and contacting me prior to picking up my horse. You were promptly on time and I felt completely comfortable with my mare in your hands, I did not worry about her at all and heard from you as soon as she arrived. I really appreciate what you did and wish all horse owners the same delightful experience with moving their horses. Thank you for everything.”

Ashley Holden
Manely Muscles
Professional Equine Sports Massage Therapy
Charlottesville, Virginia


“I have known Mark Choper since 1987. He is a man of integrity with vast knowledge as a horseman. Mark is someone who you can trust to transport and care for your horse on the highways and byways in this United States. I consider it an honor to have served him as a veterinarian and to have had him transport horses owned by my family personally.”

Helen O. Noble, V.M.D.
Ipswich, MA


“I would ship my horses anywhere and at anytime with Mark and his staff. Friendly, personalized service coupled with the utmost in professionalism is why I put my faith in Fairway Horse Transport.”

Robert Costello
United Sates Equestrian Team Member


“I’m always comfortable shipping my horses and my clients horses with Mark. His years of experience, as a professional horseman, carry with them a level of expertise that is unsurpassed. Mark is conscientious and he cares about the horses. I know they are getting the most comfortable ride possible and the best care around”.

Marc Donovan
Southern Pines, NC


“Mark runs the kind of operation where you can call him at the last minute to ship 20 horses to a one day show and he will get it done. Every time we have a nervous horse to ship we make sure that we hire Mark for transport. Not only is he a great professional driver but he is also a great horseman. All of the horse that travel with him get off the truck relaxed and ready to show. Mark and Fairway Horse Transport know how important this is to us and to our horses.”

Kathy Borylo, Owner/Trainer
Steph Andreottola, Trainer